Top 5 Japanese Streetwear Fashion Trends You Need to Know in 2021

    Written By: Akemi Hayashi

    Tokyo’s busy and bustling fashion scene is starting to make headlines on the international stage. Due to this, it is starting to make a name for itself as the epicenter for style, fashion, and streetwear in 2021. Who would have thought that the cheeky play on colors and the oversizing outfit proportions will catch on? However, just like the unpredictable nature of last year, Japan’s rise as a strong streetwear industry came as a surprise to fashion moguls and critics.

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    Unique Features of Japanese Streetwear Fashion Trends

    Each trendy style of the Japanese fashion industry is unique; however, it circulates the same concept, i.e., self-expression. This feature may also play the biggest part in making the Japanese fashion industry the biggest in the world, surpassing powerhouses in Europe and America. The people of the postmodern world regard self-expression as one of the most important virtues, and hence, prefer to pull off a style that reflects this virtue.

    Another great aspect of the Japanese fashion trends is the edginess risky takes on simple American trends. The Japanese streetwear is merely an exaggeration of the American subcultures and trends. By increasing proportions and brightening colors, the Japanese fashion industry succeeds in engulfing an eccentric feel to American fashion trends without completely going astray. Hence, this unique and outlandish take on American fashion trends is another driving force for the popularity of the Japanese fashion industry.

    You find many brands that offer outfits, which contain complex and overwhelming contrasts of fabrics, materials, and styles. For some people, the trends surrounding the Tokyo streets may be too overwhelming for everyday use. However, the people who admire aesthetic sensibility and have a broad acceptance of styles appreciate their grandiose representation of common fashion trends. Unlike American Streetwear, Japanese streetwear concentrates on which pieces look the best together and do not give importance to displaying wealth.

    Top 5 Japanese Streetwear Fashion Trends

    Let us look at the top five Japanese fashion trends of 2021.


    This is very common Japanese apparel for the winter and fall season –a combination of the coat and cardigan that looks pretty and cute on a cold winter’s days. You can pair this oversized top with a sleek, cute top or a skirt to get the ultimate Japanese feel.

    The Statement Jacket

    An oversized jacket that is prominent and highlights your top and bottom is something unique to the Japanese streetwear culture. In terms of trends, this universal Japanese fashion statement is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. Japanese streetwear is all about posture and pose, wear this jacket loosely to create the ultimate swag.

    Knitted Headwear

    Headwears are a key component of the Japanese fashion industry. Wearing a classic rounded headwear along with a casual outfit is a contrast that screams Japanese fashion.


    Plaids offer a wonderful layout for contrast. Therefore, a plaids outfit is the best piece of clothing that is very common on the Tokyo streets. Plaids have patterns that some Japanese brands like to pair with contrasting and conflicting prints and colors.

    Square Toe Boots

    These boots are a clear example of the rarity of Japanese design. It is also the subtle Japanese twist to a regular American outfit. Therefore, wearing them with straight trousers and a loose hanging top is a surprise that is pleasing to the eye, much like many Japanese trends.

    To Conclude

    The year 2021 looks very promising for the Japanese fashion industry. With the introduction of new Japanese clothing brands, the growth of the Japanese industry is very obvious and likely to stay on top. The Japanese designers give great attention to detail and have great insights into the demands of the contemporary public. This is why the Japanese streetwear industry will likely grow, despite the critique of the fashion critics.

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