Go Retro: American Streetwear Fashion and Japanese Influence

    Written By: Akemi Hayashi

    American streetwear fashion has been a staple for casual wear around the world. Some even claim that the casual American style is the most influential in the world. While Europe triumphs America in the history and designer clothing department, there is no style that becomes popular without the approval of the American fashion industry. All the popular styles you see today are as big as they are because of America’s influence. Whether it is streetwear, punk, Americana, Goth, or others, if it was not for America’s influence, these styles would have never made it to the global stage.

    America as the Cultural Epicenter for Fashion

    Due to this reason, America is the cultural epicenter of the world. Their influence over the streetwear fashion industry predominantly resides within its rich hip-hop cultural history. The urban minority enclaves are what led America to have an influential presence in the streetwear fashion industry. The incredible hip-hop culture manages to catapult American style and culture worldwide to this day.

    Furthermore, America also has a vast network of popular celebrities that have incredible influence over fashion trends. This influence makes America the bedrock for new street styles. The various cultures, subcultures, and ethnicity make the American style colorful and diverse, just like the country itself. Hence, it is difficult to pinpoint a single brand and praise it, considering the enormous number of American clothing brands.


    However, you find that the trends of the American fashion style fluctuate in originality and style. Too often, American streetwear starts to reflect a show of wealth and material rather than a display of aesthetics and style. The seasonal shifts in style trends make American streetwear fashion very unpleasant. Not everyone has the stomach for raw predictability. However, the raw, uncut, and simple style of American streetwear is undeniably powerful in making a fashion statement.

    Japanese Fashion and American Streetwear Influence

    Japanese streetwear is very different from the American style. The Japanese stylists are more meticulous, thoughtful, and consistent with their clothing designs. Despite all that, you can also notice how intricately the Japanese take inspiration from different fashion styles and fashion sensibilities and adds a dash of their individuality. By doing so, they manage to create outfits that are also outrageously unique yet surprisingly similar.

    A simple glance across all the styles in Japan will instantly take to different parts of the world, such as Europe and America. The American and British subculture influences are astounding when you look at Japanese streetwear. Japanese designers take the essence of each subculture and their particular clothing and study it piece by piece. This helps them create a style that is not far from its cultural representation but also shares something unique to the Japanese style.

    It seems as though the Japanese designers have a sixth sense of pairing down clothes, colors, and styles. The Japanese streetwear outfits have everything that you need for streetwear, edginess, sleekness, aesthetics, and vibrancy.

    To Conclude

    Japanese style is less about validation and more about aptitude and exploration. The influence it has on American streetwear is undeniable and vice versa. The popularity of the Japanese style is reaching new heights, and you find many US celebrities endorsing it as well. Therefore, the thriving street fashion scene of the Japanese fashion industry and the influence of America on fashion trends around the world only promise good things for Japanese fashion.

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