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    I always loved aesthetics. Not particularly fashion, but an idea of beauty in the unusual. I think that’s what separates basic designers from design pioneers. Its being able to express your creativity freely and design knowing your art wont appeal to everyone, but at least its being seen by many. I design from instinct. It’s the only way I know how to live. What feels good. What stands out. Unapologetic expression and realness. I don’t follow fashion trends, I don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Every piece created by Kimono the Goat will be unique and true designer.

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    One thing that has always stood out in great garment design or design in any aspect has been the materials used to create that piece. When creating a luxury item, the choices you make in fabrics make or break the quality of your creation. All pieces by Kimono the Goat are birthed from carefully sourced fabrics that are proven to withstand the test of time and guaranteed to satisfy eco friendly standards.


     Fashions fade, style is eternal. I think it’s the responsibility of a designer to try to break rules and barriers. With so many people creating clothing brands based on the same basic concepts or just flat out clothes from Aliexpress stamped with their logo and promoted by a pretty face, we want to create a movement. Kimono the Goat is putting the design back into designer clothing one art piece at a time and we hope this will encourage other design pioneers to do the same.

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